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SwissDrones, a high-tech company based in Switzerland, specializes in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for superior endurance in critical unmanned aerial applications. SwissDrones’ flagship product, the SDO-50V2, is used for search & rescue and aerial surveillance missions as well as for applications within the oil & gas and construction sectors.


The SDO-50V2 uses a turbine engine, using around 15 liters per hour, giving it a top speed of 27 meters per second, or approximately 60 miles per hour. The UAV can carry up to 43 kg with a maximum take-off weight of 85 kg, considering a 13-liter tank (with additional tanks available) enabling a flying time of up to 2 1/2 hours. The UAV uses a proprietary "Flettner" dual rotor system, allowing for larger payloads to be transported while guaranteeing a more stable flight pattern, including in critical situations and during the night.


SwissDrones offers the only UAV in the market, which is capable of lifting more payload than its own empty weight. The product offers market-leading specifications, easy operability – requiring only a two-person crew – and readiness to fly in just 15 minutes. Furthermore, its compact configuration allows users to easily transport it in an SUV or van.


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  • SwissDrones Operating AG
  • SwissDrones Operating AG
  • SwissDrones Operating AG

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